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VW Collection for sale? So it looks like I will have to sell off some or all of my collection..  If you know me you will know what I have..  if you want to buy any of them then please talk to me, I wont be giving any away. When I get my head round it I may even post some up here? 


VW T4 Autosleeper Clubman GL, 2 Birth Motor home,1994, L reg, Low Mileage,  2.4 Diesel,  Last year it had Full service, Oil and filters alog with cam belt, new clutch master and slave cylinders,  Everything works as it should, owned for 1 year but sadly divorce forces sale, Lovely van and brilliant for camping, Power steering and easy gears, small enough to go anywhere! MOT to 21st July 2019, Solar panels on roof (100w that keeps both batteries charged for wild camping), LED Lighting, water heater, 240v hook up, Shower, Toilet, mudflaps, late front bumper conversion, tracker, good tyres, 74,000 miles - These are the T4 Motor home to have - Water tight clamshell body -  12500 - Better pics to follow

VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_13.JPG (280423 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_15.JPG (171883 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_1.JPG (83987 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_2.JPG (297986 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_3.JPG (237383 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_5.JPG (73062 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_8.JPG (81773 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_9.JPG (200712 bytes) VW_T4_Motor_home_Auto_Sleeper_Clubman_GL_14.JPG (61947 bytes)    


This is my 1977 Karmann Cabrio Beetle.  its the 1303s Model. LHD.  It is very solid, a year ago the body was removed from the pan and it had a pair of sill strengtheners installed to a high standard. The rest of the car was already very solid. Nice original style 1600cc engine and gearbox - it drives very well and is a pleasure, I did over 2000 miles in it last summer.  Front Disc brakes. Lots of new parts in the last year. IT is now MOT exempt but still MOTd until 28th January. I will probably put it through another soon. Free road tax. The body is black and looks nice but on close inspection there are tatty bits, faded paint and some rust on one door bottom, I'm being honest! The Chassis and shell are solid. It is fitted with genuine VW heat exchangers meaning that it has HOT heating... I drove it 100 miles this week (January) and had to have the window down to keep cool.. V5 is here in my name and will be put into buyers name - 10,000 - Email for contact details 

VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_1.jpg (281733 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_3.jpg (360817 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_4.jpg (366177 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_5.jpg (398690 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_6.jpg (302676 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_7.jpg (215406 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_2.jpg (311982 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_8.jpg (198141 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_9.jpg (340954 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_10.jpg (409989 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_11.jpg (209454 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_12.jpg (253820 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_13.jpg (82809 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_14.jpg (155961 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_15.jpg (127729 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_16.jpg (111006 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_17.jpg (231976 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_18.jpg (248853 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_19.jpg (321884 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_20.jpg (277801 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_21.jpg (175099 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_22.jpg (243393 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_23.jpg (200655 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_24.jpg (192322 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_25.jpg (285038 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_26.jpg (279095 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_27.jpg (222482 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_28.jpg (194095 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_29.jpg (228642 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_30.jpg (245637 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_31.jpg (264662 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_32.jpg (276201 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_33.jpg (95641 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_34.jpg (150286 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_35.jpg (178320 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_36.jpg (224777 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_37.jpg (221687 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_38.jpg (292329 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_39.jpg (251330 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_40.jpg (294492 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_41.jpg (268029 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_42.jpg (226841 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_43.jpg (199525 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_44.jpg (196848 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_45.jpg (203860 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_46.jpg (232806 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_47.jpg (200091 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_48.jpg (201875 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_50.jpg (125173 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_51.jpg (402592 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_52.jpg (265166 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_53.jpg (216594 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_54.jpg (168692 bytes) VW_Beetle_Volkswagen_Karmann_convertible_cabrio_for_sale_1303s_55.jpg (409017 bytes)  

This is my Chesil 356 Speedster. It is stunning.  Its a Chesil 356 Speedster replica built on a 1971 VW Beetle Chassis. It is registered correctly as a Chesil and qualifies for free road tax. It has MOT to April 30th 2019. I have owned it 2 years. The bodywork is Porsche Horizon Blue Running a strong 1776cc engine with twin Dellorto 36 carbs, sounds great and is nippy and fun. AT code IRS gearbox - 1600 style with good ratios for cruising. Built during the late 1990s and First MOTd around 2000 by a young Rolls Royce Engineer. The car has done only 8099 miles and is still in good condition. It has 5 almost new 5 bolt chrome wheels with stainless steel hub caps and new quality tyres. Disc brakes on the front and drums on the rear. Correct gauges on the dash. The interior is cream leather. I've added a Vintage speed 356 gear shifter. The car drives really well and looks good. It is registered as a Chesil Speedster Convertible.It has wind up windows. Fuel filler is under the bonnet Mileage is 8099, its not moved much in the later part of 2018.. Its Got IRS Rear (AT code 1600 gearbox) Hood is black, there is no cover or tonneaux  Its in good condition. not perfect, but nice. Its showing 8 previous owners, but I presume thats its life as a Beetle before a Porsche included too. Tyres are all new Uniroyals. Gauges are the correct ones, all the same size. Most people assume its the real deal. Its not perfect, its old and has been used, there are marks and stone chips here and there.. but it stops traffic. People love it. I'm gutted to be selling it. I won't give it away. Its not perfect. Please email to enquire. Thank you - 22,500

SIG_for_sale__47.jpg (188593 bytes) SIG_for_sale__49.jpg (194775 bytes) SIG_for_sale__1.jpg (233420 bytes) SIG_for_sale__50.jpg (223036 bytes) SIG_for_sale__48.jpg (131582 bytes) SIG_for_sale__88.jpg (290874 bytes) SIG_for_sale__89.jpg (287617 bytes) SIG_for_sale__85.jpg (325841 bytes) SIG_for_sale__79.jpg (193781 bytes) SIG_for_sale__78.jpg (192679 bytes) SIG_for_sale__80.jpg (279100 bytes) SIG_for_sale__81.jpg (295760 bytes) SIG_for_sale__82.jpg (298569 bytes) SIG_for_sale__83.jpg (145497 bytes) SIG_for_sale__84.jpg (215992 bytes) SIG_for_sale__86.jpg (255394 bytes) SIG_for_sale__87.jpg (220838 bytes) SIG_for_sale__37.jpg (152427 bytes) SIG_for_sale__51.jpg (158961 bytes) SIG_for_sale__52.jpg (225280 bytes) SIG_for_sale__53.jpg (59361 bytes) SIG_for_sale__54.jpg (139047 bytes) SIG_for_sale__55.jpg (180202 bytes) SIG_for_sale__56.jpg (180249 bytes) SIG_for_sale__57.jpg (172389 bytes) SIG_for_sale__58.jpg (340593 bytes) SIG_for_sale__59.jpg (295224 bytes) SIG_for_sale__60.jpg (310986 bytes) SIG_for_sale__61.jpg (272062 bytes) SIG_for_sale__62.jpg (302246 bytes) SIG_for_sale__63.jpg (285121 bytes) SIG_for_sale__64.jpg (277992 bytes) SIG_for_sale__65.jpg (296127 bytes) SIG_for_sale__66.jpg (69653 bytes) SIG_for_sale__67.jpg (194432 bytes) SIG_for_sale__68.jpg (238207 bytes) SIG_for_sale__69.jpg (292316 bytes) SIG_for_sale__70.jpg (193561 bytes) SIG_for_sale__71.jpg (139244 bytes) SIG_for_sale__72.jpg (203693 bytes) SIG_for_sale__73.jpg (202623 bytes) SIG_for_sale__74.jpg (190379 bytes) SIG_for_sale__75.jpg (192505 bytes) SIG_for_sale__76.jpg (206412 bytes) SIG_for_sale__77.jpg (134923 bytes)

Beetle Project Car - 1971, 1300cc, Been standing 20 years, orange, Complete car, has had heater channels a long time ago, needs love, more info to follow..  

For sale 1967 1500cc Beetle Project - Been Standing 27+ years... F Reg, still 6v, Tax Ran out November 1991, found in a lock up garage, I'm thinking of selling... Its one that turned up and I would love to do myself at some point in the future.. but I have storage issues and too many projects. It needs lots of love but its a '67 1500, it runs (just), no wings, .. the one to have.. Full V5 in my name (I didn't intend to sell it), the car needs plenty of love and a full stock resto. L639 (08) Zenith Blue, My plans were to put a pair of heater channels in it, Blast the floor pan (Repair or replace pan halves depending what is left), Rear bumper mounts from Hookey, NOS 1 year only rear valance (I've found one available separately if you want it?), repair front scuttle with the orange body cut etc etc... Its a huge project.. or you could do a lot less and save it ... Its actually got a lot of solid metal in it..  1499 - Private Sale - Location Bedfordshire

1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__73.JPG (106800 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__1.JPG (96670 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__50.JPG (134713 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__51.JPG (120183 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__52.JPG (152632 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__53.JPG (66358 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__54.JPG (79003 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__55.JPG (148043 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__56.JPG (177887 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__57.JPG (123294 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__58.JPG (126154 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__48.JPG (61486 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__2.JPG (107369 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__3.JPG (306021 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__4.JPG (308912 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__5.JPG (259117 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__6.JPG (511780 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__7.JPG (273811 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__8.JPG (214100 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__9.JPG (239694 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__10.JPG (145164 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__11.JPG (73833 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__12.JPG (49202 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__13.JPG (59149 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__14.JPG (66005 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__15.JPG (41518 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__16.JPG (47995 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__17.JPG (86242 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__18.JPG (84178 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__19.JPG (77130 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__20.JPG (70397 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__21.JPG (72057 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__22.JPG (94652 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__23.JPG (84704 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__24.JPG (103501 bytes)  1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__25.JPG (117518 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__26.JPG (113629 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__27.JPG (81676 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__28.JPG (50726 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__29.JPG (124485 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__30.JPG (131217 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__31.JPG (56277 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__32.JPG (102250 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__33.JPG (104791 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__34.JPG (99742 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__35.JPG (80459 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__36.JPG (93066 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__37.JPG (116710 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__38.JPG (85953 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__39.JPG (89831 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__40.JPG (96408 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__41.JPG (73532 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__42.JPG (74964 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__43.JPG (71145 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__44.JPG (72870 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__45.JPG (71215 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__46.JPG (66200 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__47.JPG (67294 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__59.JPG (61756 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__61.JPG (137607 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__62.JPG (104682 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__63.JPG (86476 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__64.JPG (87508 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__65.JPG (69012 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__66.JPG (105896 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__67.JPG (107980 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__68.JPG (88204 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__69.JPG (84047 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__70.JPG (164468 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__71.JPG (98033 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__72.JPG (83282 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__60.JPG (77306 bytes)


1963 Morris Minor Traveller project. 108000 miles, Huge Project, Woodwork looks good, In lots of pieces, Excellent registration number (PEB) - on the assumption it can be retained - The car has had 2 owners, appears to have been storedfor nearly 40 years. The last MOT appears to be 1978, The original Buff log book is with the car but it is not showing on DVLA searches so it appears to have never been put on the computerised system. We will be digging it out soon and more information will be available after that. This will not be expensive, but it needs a good home  - Also have 2 NOS front wings to either go with it or separately.. Please make contact via Parts Emporium.

 morris_minor_traveller_project_for_sale.jpg (44384 bytes)    


We often have vehicles for sale that are either Projects or Runners with potential to be made beautiful... our aim is to provide you with Vehicles to suit your budget, anything from a 1000 Wreck to a Beautiful Split Screen Camper... We will be as honest as we possibly can with our descriptions, but are unfortunately unable to offer warranties for these 20 - 60 year old vehicles.... if you have a question, just ask!  Also if you have an old VW to sell... please let me know - Thank you.




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