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VW Collection for sale? So it looks like I will have to sell off some or all of my collection..  If you know me you will know what I have..  if you want to buy any of them then please talk to me, I wont be giving any away. When I get my head round it I may even post some up here? 

1967 1500 Beetle project - Runs, rusty - Registered October 1967 - 

1967_37.JPG (114350 bytes) 1967_40.JPG (134377 bytes) 1967_39.JPG (126390 bytes) 1967_14.JPG (113889 bytes) 1967_15.JPG (103146 bytes) 1967_16.JPG (77939 bytes) 1967_17.JPG (97388 bytes) 1967_18.JPG (91420 bytes) 1967_19.JPG (89287 bytes) 1967_20.JPG (79145 bytes) 1967_21.JPG (81510 bytes) 1967_22.JPG (70158 bytes) 1967_23.JPG (86353 bytes) 1967_24.JPG (94821 bytes) 1967_25.JPG (110093 bytes) 1967_26.JPG (94866 bytes) 1967_27.JPG (118951 bytes) 1967_28.JPG (86017 bytes) 1967_29.JPG (81279 bytes) 1967_30.JPG (92495 bytes) 1967_31.JPG (97581 bytes) 1967_32.JPG (83925 bytes) 1967_33.JPG (86481 bytes) 1967_34.JPG (95850 bytes) 1967_35.JPG (95510 bytes) 1967_36.JPG (88953 bytes) 1967_38.JPG (82203 bytes) 1967_41.JPG (122826 bytes) 1967_42.JPG (77322 bytes) 1967_44.JPG (63846 bytes) 1967_45.JPG (92926 bytes) 1967_46.JPG (98425 bytes) 1967_47.JPG (86822 bytes) 1967_49.JPG (105479 bytes) 1967_50.JPG (109410 bytes) 1967_51.JPG (114939 bytes) 1967_52.JPG (103289 bytes) 1967_Beetle_project_1.JPG (133144 bytes) 1967_Beetle_project_2.JPG (68824 bytes) 1967_Beetle_project_3.JPG (115192 bytes) 1967_Beetle_project_4.JPG (139223 bytes) 1967_Beetle_project_5.JPG (134164 bytes) 1967_Beetle_project_6.JPG (148673 bytes) 1967_1.JPG (89281 bytes) 1967_2.JPG (101597 bytes) 1967_3.JPG (67744 bytes) 1967_4.JPG (103205 bytes) 1967_6.JPG (89052 bytes) 1967_7.JPG (84339 bytes) 1967_8.JPG (100827 bytes) 1967_9.JPG (96736 bytes) 1967_10.JPG (128795 bytes) 1967_11.JPG (95251 bytes) 1967_12.JPG (116224 bytes) 

VW 1303 Beetle Project car for sale - 

1303__1.JPG (291683 bytes) 1303__2.JPG (306225 bytes) 1303__3.JPG (273425 bytes) 1303_1.JPG (327815 bytes) 1303_2.JPG (139965 bytes) 1303_3.JPG (331498 bytes) 1303_4.JPG (389468 bytes) 1303_5.JPG (380263 bytes) 1303_6.JPG (262870 bytes) 1303_7.JPG (442539 bytes) 1303_8.JPG (235798 bytes) 1303_9.JPG (224651 bytes) 1303_10.JPG (85266 bytes) 1303_11.JPG (72310 bytes) 1303_12.JPG (115400 bytes) 1303_13.JPG (285862 bytes) 1303_14.JPG (329291 bytes) 1303_15.JPG (117408 bytes) 1303_16.JPG (473546 bytes)

VW Polo Breadvan project for sale - MK2F - Runs and drives - MOT run out - Needs lots of Love - 300

vw_polo_for_sale_mk2_f_breadvan_project_3.JPG (242532 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__1.JPG (334694 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__2.JPG (374589 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__3.JPG (309891 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__4.JPG (45196 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__5.JPG (211861 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__6.JPG (315983 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__7.JPG (258912 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__8.JPG (285515 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__9.JPG (247094 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__10.JPG (303031 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__11.JPG (225555 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__12.JPG (252835 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__13.JPG (321628 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__15.JPG (66121 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__16.JPG (206345 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__17.JPG (84601 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__18.JPG (63286 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__19.JPG (276495 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__20.JPG (149380 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__21.JPG (310478 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__22.JPG (432238 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__23.JPG (262914 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__24.JPG (263939 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__25.JPG (402943 bytes)VW_Polo_for_sale_Mk2f_Breadvan_project__26.JPG (241373 bytes)vw_polo_for_sale_mk2_f_breadvan_project_1.JPG (383860 bytes)vw_polo_for_sale_mk2_f_breadvan_project_2.JPG (212044 bytes)

Beetle Project Car - 1971, 1300cc, Been standing 20 years, orange, Complete car, has had heater channels a long time ago, needs love, more info to fllow..  

Advert -  1970 VW Beetle,  good solid car, suitable for daily driving, owned for 8 years.  Prior to that it had only two owners going back to the early 1990s and all 3 of us previous owners were heavily involved in the Herts VW Club, The engine is a strong 1500 single port, with plenty of low down torque. The car is completely standard apart from a brand new 4 into one stainless exhaust system and a pair of Weber twin 34 ICT carbs on a CB performance linkage, with pertronix electronic ignition and coil. This setup runs well, and hasn't let me down at all. I have recently replaced the entire exhaust system, including the heat exchangers, cables and all the heater pipes. Less than 1000 miles ago it had new plugs, HT leads, oil change, new carbs and ignition system.  Underneath it is pretty solid, it hasn't had a lot of patches on it, and has only needed welding once in the last 8 years to pass the MOT, Just had 4 new wings and running boards.The car has always been completely dry inside, never leaked a drop either standing or running on wet roads. It sits on standard steel wheels, with Vredestein winter tyres on, very little worn. The front seats have inertia reel belts fitted, the back has 2 static belts. All the fuel lines were replaced with ethanol resistant pipes from the central tunnel back, but the one under the tank in the front probably ought to be done at some point. There is a large collection of paperwork and history that comes with the car going back to the 1990s. The rear valance is badly corroded. Some people cut these out and fit a bolt on one. Up to you, but it will want doing within a year or 2.  see detailed photos of these 2 issues.The battery will go flat if the car is left for more that 2 months unused  You will need to use ethanol buster / lead replacement additive such as castrol valvemaster plus, at around 1.00 a tank of petrol extra cost to have the car run at its best, due to the amount of ethanol now being used in modern fuels.  Any test drives welcome, car is in Bournemouth, please contact Parts Emporium for owners contact details.  

Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_5.JPG (305354 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_3.JPG (116685 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_4.JPG (340633 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_6.JPG (345339 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_7.JPG (361461 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_8.JPG (303413 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_9.JPG (254761 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_10.JPG (218706 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_11.JPG (195303 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_12.JPG (224524 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_13.JPG (265688 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_1.JPG (297084 bytes) Classic_VW_Beetle_for_sale__1970_1500cc_2.JPG (246965 bytes) 

1983 VW T25 / T3 Camper van, 1915cc, 4 speed Manual, Petrol, Water cooled. MOT to September 25th 2019, just had some welding completed to a high standard, new steering rack gaiter, thermostat, Track rod end, needs general TLC as its old, The van drives well, engine is strong and quiet (replaced around 11 years ago). gearbox feels good, interior is clean, has 4 burner hob, grill, 12v & Gas fridge, Sleeps 4, 2 up 2 down, has both hot and cold running water, dash fan doesn't work, Bodywork is mostly tidy, good gutters and most seams ok..- 4250 ...

IMG_4149.jpg (134250 bytes) IMG_4137.jpg (121720 bytes) IMG_4150.jpg (104316 bytes) IMG_4120.jpg (103141 bytes) IMG_4121.jpg (110209 bytes) IMG_4122.jpg (65050 bytes) IMG_4138.jpg (125421 bytes) IMG_4123.jpg (120716 bytes) IMG_4136.jpg (67187 bytes) IMG_4135.jpg (64803 bytes) IMG_4151.jpg (109629 bytes) IMG_4124.jpg (48167 bytes) IMG_4125.jpg (49881 bytes) IMG_4126.jpg (142078 bytes) IMG_4128.jpg (68794 bytes) IMG_4129.jpg (94672 bytes) IMG_4130.jpg (72447 bytes) IMG_4131.jpg (107101 bytes) IMG_4132.jpg (73427 bytes) IMG_4133.jpg (101545 bytes) IMG_4134.jpg (129935 bytes) IMG_4139.jpg (50636 bytes) IMG_4140.jpg (100510 bytes) IMG_4142.jpg (85088 bytes) IMG_4143.jpg (77158 bytes) IMG_4144.jpg (127647 bytes) IMG_4145.jpg (80319 bytes) IMG_4146.jpg (157027 bytes) IMG_4148.jpg (71929 bytes) IMG_4152.jpg (150909 bytes) IMG_4153.jpg (143994 bytes) IMG_4154.jpg (54103 bytes) IMG_4155.jpg (47216 bytes) IMG_4157.jpg (123001 bytes) IMG_4158.jpg (138771 bytes) IMG_4159.jpg (132034 bytes) IMG_4160.jpg (65909 bytes) IMG_4161.jpg (82106 bytes) IMG_4162.jpg (158364 bytes) IMG_4163.jpg (168722 bytes) IMG_4164.jpg (56776 bytes) IMG_4165.jpg (65099 bytes) IMG_4127.jpg (138092 bytes) 


This is a 1972, 1303 Beetle, Originally a 1300 but now with with 1600cc Engine, It runs and drives well. It is a 1990s custom, it has early 6v Headlamps grafted in, 1200 Beetle Back, Lights - Quite different! It is lowered on tatty Center line style alloys (Made by smiths), Recaro front seats (Astra GTE?), The body is Porsche red (Faded and tatty / rusty), It is very much a back to the 90s look. It has Historic (Free) Tax, It is MOT Exempt although it has an MOT to 10/7/2019, Just had a full engine service, Points, plugs, condenser, rotor , cap, fuel lines, oil change and also a Carb rebuild. It has brand new rear tyres, 
The brakes were new in 2013 but never used until now as the car was stored away. Its Tatty, It was off the road for a long time before the MOT at the beginning of July and has now done over 450 miles since then to ensure it works OK. The passenger window does not presently work.. I will have a look at it when I get time. A car like this is not for everyone.. but if you want to be different and are happy to work on an old car then it might be for you... More info to follow when I think of it..  - 2499

custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___34.JPG (232439 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___12.JPG (112259 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___10.JPG (108875 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___21.JPG (123258 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___7.JPG (101655 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___8.JPG (110516 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___9.JPG (87948 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___1.jpg (57887 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___38.JPG (266413 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___37.JPG (215456 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___36.JPG (244504 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___6.JPG (109883 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___24.JPG (67042 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___25.JPG (67611 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___26.JPG (87538 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___27.JPG (57998 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___28.JPG (109577 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___11.JPG (88924 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___29.JPG (328975 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___30.JPG (434429 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___31.JPG (422841 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___32.JPG (301174 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___33.JPG (151241 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___39.JPG (145515 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___40.JPG (145482 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___41.JPG (117346 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___42.JPG (141886 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___43.JPG (181953 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___44.JPG (81644 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___45.JPG (125930 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___46.JPG (95909 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___47.JPG (52972 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___48.JPG (83076 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___49.JPG (97487 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___50.JPG (85575 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___51.JPG (89529 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___52.JPG (78805 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___53.JPG (88333 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___54.JPG (96620 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___55.JPG (73095 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___56.JPG (98948 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___57.JPG (77645 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___58.JPG (67837 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___59.JPG (39161 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___60.JPG (60578 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___61.JPG (39890 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___62.JPG (44465 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___63.JPG (51179 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___64.JPG (73245 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___2.JPG (109536 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___3.jpg (96238 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___4.JPG (89728 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___5.JPG (100193 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___13.JPG (80839 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___14.JPG (95365 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___15.JPG (56480 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___16.JPG (62031 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___17.JPG (83885 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___18.JPG (139645 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___19.JPG (138765 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___20.JPG (106372 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___22.JPG (214069 bytes) custom_1303_vw_beetle_for_sale___23.JPG (208437 bytes) 


For sale 1967 1500cc Beetle Project - Been Standing 26+ years... F Reg, still 6v, Tax Ran out November 1991, found in a lock up garage, I'm thinking of selling... Its one that turned up and I would love to do myself at some point in the future.. but I have storage issues and too many projects. It needs lots of love but its a '67 1500, it runs (just), no wings, .. the one to have.. Full V5 in my name (I didn't intend to sell it), the car needs plenty of love and a full stock resto. L639 (08) Zenith Blue, My plans were to put a pair of heater channels in it, Blast the floor pan (Repair or replace pan halves depending what is left), Rear bumper mounts from Hookey, NOS 1 year only rear valance (I've found one available separately if you want it?), repair front scuttle with the orange body cut etc etc... Its a huge project.. or you could do a lot less and save it ... Its actually got a lot of solid metal in it..  1499 - Private Sale - Location Bedfordshire

1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__73.JPG (106800 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__1.JPG (96670 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__50.JPG (134713 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__51.JPG (120183 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__52.JPG (152632 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__53.JPG (66358 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__54.JPG (79003 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__55.JPG (148043 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__56.JPG (177887 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__57.JPG (123294 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__58.JPG (126154 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__48.JPG (61486 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__2.JPG (107369 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__3.JPG (306021 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__4.JPG (308912 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__5.JPG (259117 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__6.JPG (511780 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__7.JPG (273811 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__8.JPG (214100 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__9.JPG (239694 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__10.JPG (145164 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__11.JPG (73833 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__12.JPG (49202 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__13.JPG (59149 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__14.JPG (66005 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__15.JPG (41518 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__16.JPG (47995 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__17.JPG (86242 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__18.JPG (84178 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__19.JPG (77130 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__20.JPG (70397 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__21.JPG (72057 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__22.JPG (94652 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__23.JPG (84704 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__24.JPG (103501 bytes)  1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__25.JPG (117518 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__26.JPG (113629 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__27.JPG (81676 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__28.JPG (50726 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__29.JPG (124485 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__30.JPG (131217 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__31.JPG (56277 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__32.JPG (102250 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__33.JPG (104791 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__34.JPG (99742 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__35.JPG (80459 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__36.JPG (93066 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__37.JPG (116710 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__38.JPG (85953 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__39.JPG (89831 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__40.JPG (96408 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__41.JPG (73532 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__42.JPG (74964 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__43.JPG (71145 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__44.JPG (72870 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__45.JPG (71215 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__46.JPG (66200 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__47.JPG (67294 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__59.JPG (61756 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__61.JPG (137607 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__62.JPG (104682 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__63.JPG (86476 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__64.JPG (87508 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__65.JPG (69012 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__66.JPG (105896 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__67.JPG (107980 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__68.JPG (88204 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__69.JPG (84047 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__70.JPG (164468 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__71.JPG (98033 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__72.JPG (83282 bytes) 1967_1500_vw_Beetle_Project_for_full_restoration_stock_barn_find__60.JPG (77306 bytes)


1963 Morris Minor Traveller project. 108000 miles, Huge Project, Woodwork looks good, In lots of pieces, Excellent registration number (PEB) - on the assumption it can be retained - The car has had 2 owners, appears to have been stored for nearly 40 years. The last MOT appears to be 1978, The original Buff log book is with the car but it is not showing on DVLA searches so it appears to have never been put on the computerised system. We will be digging it out soon and more information will be available after that. This will not be expensive, but it needs a good home  - Also have 2 NOS front wings to either go with it or separately.. Please make contact via Parts Emporium.

 morris_minor_traveller_project_for_sale.jpg (44384 bytes)    


We often have vehicles for sale that are either Projects or Runners with potential to be made beautiful... our aim is to provide you with Vehicles to suit your budget, anything from a 1000 Wreck to a Beautiful Split Screen Camper... We will be as honest as we possibly can with our descriptions, but are unfortunately unable to offer warranties for these 20 - 60 year old vehicles.... if you have a question, just ask!  Also if you have an old VW to sell... please let me know - Thank you.




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