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How to Find / Contact us... - Please read - nearly all your questions are answered below.. 


I don't like putting this here but is seems some people are so self-centred that they couldn't possibly consider that they might have to wait a day or two for a response to their emails - I do what I can when I can - I work hugely long hours and selling VW parts is just part of my life.. I have many other commitments and there are not enough hours in the day. 

My wife is now in Remission. Hopefully the cancer is gone.  She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in summer 2014 for the 2nd time in 12 years.. We are nearly out the other side but there is so much to rebuild. And further Operations and recuperation

 I'm not looking for sympathy but maybe a little understanding? If you don't like it then please shop elsewhere. Sending abusive emails will just get you ignored and you wont get the parts you want. Polite people always get a better service. Shouting will get you nowhere.   Yep, shocking isn't it?

2016  - My father now has Prostate Cancer...  a small break between cancers would have been nice...      Cancer - fun for all the family...     

NOVEMBER 2017 - The good lady wife has just had a Major operation and has again been diagnosed with Cancer again for the 3rd time..  Please bear with me whist life sorts itself out.. Her treatment is more important than selling car parts.. I don't know whether I'm coming or going! Sorry. 

Feb 2018 - We are half way through the Initial Chemotherapy and  Immunotherapy. I have a lot on my mind and it isn't Volkswagens... (OK, so some of it is Volkswagens)

March - Wife has been in hospital for over a week.. I'm getting hungry...  Thyroids, Diabeties etc.. 

April 2018 - its ongoing..  Keep smiling.

May 2018, did I mention that the wife has broken her wrist? I'm now a Full time Taxi driver too! 

I recently met a writer for Emmerdale, Not sure even he believed what I was telling him about all this.. 


LOCATION - I am on the Herts / Beds Border near Junction 10 of the A1M  (Large local towns are Hitchin, Letchworth, Biggleswade and Baldock and we are not far from Luton, Stevenage, Milton Keynes etc) - Visitors by appointment only! Do not turn up without an appointment. 


You need to tell me which parts you want before you arrive as I will need to dig them out for you (Sometimes they are somewhere safe and we all know some where safe can be hard to remember!). 


Email - parts@partsemporium.co.uk - Please check the website for the part you want BEFORE emailing - The only parts I have for sale are the parts listed - if you cant see it then I haven't got it!  - Really! "I'm emailing on the off chance" "I am looking for" and  "I wondered if you have" emails always receive the same reply...  "I only have the parts listed on the website" ...   


Opening hours: 

My "business hours" are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 

I am now closed on a weekend, life is too short! 

I can sometimes be available on the odd evening if that helps? - up to about 8pm by appointment.



The most important thing is to turn up when you say you will. Nothing makes me madder than waiting in for a no-show..  you will need a good reason for messing me about if you want a 2nd chance.. my time is important to me, I am old and running out of time to do the things I should have done when I was younger...       


Please note - I attend lots of shows and this is not the only thing I do with my time and I'm NOT Tescos! so please don't assume that I  should be available 24hrs a day! ...  sometimes I need a day off   ... it all depends how I feel and if the sun is out... sometimes I am off buying other Volkswagens, rummaging in a shed, tinkering in the garage, driving an old noisy VW or just down the pub (yeah, right)...  


I've had to remove my phone number from the website to try to get some of my life back as unfortunately the constant stream of "I'm calling on the off chance you might have one of these" type calls had taken over my life. Everything I have for sale is on the website.. Please read through it first it is updated all the time...  Sending 3 emails over a weekend chasing me will not speed me up! (it will do the opposite) - please make all enquiries via Email - Thank you.   


Prices you see are what you pay - NO VAT!


Postage is available for small/light items that will go in a sensible sized  cardboard box... to the UK only! (those outside the UK are welcome to send a courier to collect things). Most items go for 11.50 via UPS courier. I can not put glass in the post... it breaks! I would expect you to collect items such as wheels, body panels, Engines, seats, Bonnets, doors, gearboxes, suspension etc!  I have no means of sending these items .. some people use shipping companies to collect the big stuff - You can get a quote on Shipley or similar...     If you send an email asking for a postage price - please remember to tell me where you are - I'm not a mind reader...  Thanks.


All items are sold as is and where is and are in USED condition for professional refurbishment and fitting only. I always do my best to ensure that you get the part you need. Please help me do this by giving as much information as possible.   


Please don't ask me to post your item for Free - I get offended easily ... it takes a lot of effort and obviously costs me money to post stuff... I always charge what UPS charge me..   Collection is always preferred - this way you can see what you are getting and there is less chance of damage. 


Payment - Cash on collection.   Bank Transfer or PayPal are preferred for items being posted. We do not have card facilities as we are not a large company. 


Any holding deposit is accepted on the basis that all items will be collected within 14 days. Any item not collected will be re-advertised for sale and the deposit accepted as a storage fee. - Update 2017 -  due to the sheer number of people not collecting items within 14 days we are no longer taking Deposits for any items... we have limited storage space, so please collect ASAP to ensure you don't miss out.  


If you ask me to take something to a show for you (to save you the petrol, Time etc)..  please be polite enough to turn up! - and remember to bring money with you ... 

Yeah, I know, this all makes me sound very grumpy, but when you deal with "the public" you will under stand why! Calling me late at night, early in the morning or on Christmas Day you will only make parts less available...  all I ask is that you consider that I may be human, old and tired...  I could have a "proper job" and have a proper wage too....  but I do this because I like old VWs and some of the people too... 

I think I've had enough of this ...  :( 


I accept  please ask for details and I can send you a PayPal Money request... 

My phone number is - 07974  - please call 10am to 6pm only - the phone is not attended outside these hours - no matter how many times you try it!  - if I don't answer the phone... please don't leave messages for me to call you - Just try again another time! - No texts please - I'm too old and busy to play Text tennis ...  talk is king.  - Please don't take this the wrong way... I'm always happy to chat / give help where I can but there is only one of me and so many questions and so many VW Parts to Discover...