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RPM and Speed Calculator...

Tiresize: width in (mm)
Sidewall ratio
Rim size (in)

Final Drive:
Gear ratio:

Option 1:

Option 2:
kph or mph?

Information: A 185/65/15 Tyre has a width of 185, a side wall ratio of 65 and a rim size of 15 

Final Drive/Ring & Pinion would look something like  4.125

Gear ratio would look something like  .88

Speeds will be given in MPH and KMH


For info: Below, are the the gear ratios for all gears in standard gearboxes:

   Identification letters    ring & pinion    1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear  4th gear
AA AB AD AE AG AM AP AX 4.375 3.78 2.06 1.26 0.93
AC AF AH AQ DA DB DC 4.125 3.78 2.06 1.26 0.89
AN AO AR AS AT AU 3.875 3.78 2.06 1.26 0.93

Please note that this feature is presently being tested, should you find any faults, please tell us! 

I stole this, and I cant  remember where from, so if its yours, please email me for a link etc!