Unfortunately there isn't a Bucks VW Club at this time 

Nothing In Milton Keynes either. (Roundabout VW Club?)

Here are some other VW Clubs in the Buckinghamshire area  


Wolfsburg Weed huggers - - www.wolfsburgweedhuggers.co.uk 

 Aylesbury VW Club -  www.facebook.com/groups/393195045016639 

Lo E Nuf - www.loenuf.com 



If you know of any other clubs in the area or updates to this list -  Please email clubs@bucksvwclub.co.uk




  Dead or Alive.

All old cars. I collect classic Volkswagens and have a general interest in anything with 4 wheels and an engine (pretty much any age, make or condition).

I love to revive old cars. So if you have an old car to sell or a garage / workshop to clear, then please send me a message  Thanks - Julian