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Coming Soon - Nee Naw... LWB High TOP LT31 Panel Van - Red - 1984, A Reg, 2.4L 6 Cylinder Petrol engine - Solid all round, Tow bar, under 70,000 miles. One owner - used by a Pharmaceutical company on their site as an emergency vehicle - Its huge and interesting  - would make a great camper conversion -  more info soon


Karmann beetle Project.. I've got this sitting here.. its been standing as is for 10 years but before that wasnt used since 1989...   I had planned to put an engine in it, fix it and drive it.. as is.. but reality is harsh and I've not got enough time.. its been converted to RHD and comes with V5 registered as a convertible Beetle - Want to save it? Or put the chassis to good use? Talk to me.. 

Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__1.jpg (152785 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__3.jpg (148761 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__4.jpg (139711 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__5.jpg (147058 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__6.jpg (162958 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__7.jpg (124571 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__8.jpg (151091 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__9.jpg (147392 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__10.jpg (141378 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__11.jpg (138354 bytes)Karmann_Beetle_Project_VW_Bug_Cab_1303_RHD__12.jpg (145497 bytes) 


A 2001, 2.5 tdi auto caravelle long nose.  Air conditioning, front swivel seats. 215k miles some service history. Full thorough service when bought 2.5 yrs ago inc Cam belt, engine oil and fuel system deep clean, regular servicing since. Remapped on dyno for more torque & better fuel economy, drives very smooth & willing. Comfortable, quiet on stock steel wheels with trims, good tyres. Lowered about 40mm on eibach springs & adjustable bilstein dampers. Needs a couple of bits fixing but common & easy/cheap to do, drivers central locking motor needs changing, tail gate lock temperamental & drivers side electric window recently stopped working. Rust bubbling around front arches & doors but not as bad as most. A couple of small patches of lacquer peeling & some paint on rear bumper split/flaked off a little. Metal around windscreen is good. Interior very good for age. Professionally shampooed & wet vac'd. No rips, tears/ holes in fabric seats or carpets. Ideal family wagon/day van/camper conversion. Only selling due to buying a new vehicle. Vehicle is in Stevenage. 5999 - Advertised for a Friend.. email for contact details. 

VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__31.jpg (485374 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__1.jpg (3089735 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__2.jpg (360378 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__3.jpg (3121881 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__4.jpg (286997 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__5.jpg (307671 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__6.jpg (281365 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__7.jpg (344374 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__8.jpg (1756763 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__9.jpg (213317 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__10.jpg (502011 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__11.jpg (137524 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__12.jpg (185556 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__13.jpg (166999 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__14.jpg (477204 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__15.jpg (3445233 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__16.jpg (3274074 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__17.jpg (3345699 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__18.jpg (3196939 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__19.jpg (477204 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__20.jpg (243300 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__21.jpg (204823 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__22.jpg (172373 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__23.jpg (175096 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__24.jpg (401155 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__25.jpg (185868 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__26.jpg (319588 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__27.jpg (215774 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__28.jpg (498707 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__29.jpg (227670 bytes) VW_T4_Caravelle_automatic_2.5_for_sale_yellow__30.jpg (275402 bytes)




We often have vehicles for sale that are either Projects or Runners with potential to be made beautiful... our aim is to provide you with Vehicles to suit your budget, anything from a 1000 Wreck to a Beautiful Split Screen Camper... We will be as honest as we possibly can with our descriptions, but are unfortunately unable to offer warranties for these 20 - 60 year old vehicles.... if you have a question, just ask!  Also if you have an old VW to sell... please let me know - Thank you.




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