"Fame & Fortune" - But probably neither.

Volkswagens in Film and on TV. 

Here are a few pictures of a few of my cars out and about "on set" in the movies and on the telly.

Over the years I have been invited to provide cars (Volkswagens) for different films and TV programs and photo shoots..  as I am obsessed with old Volkswagens, I usually have a selection of old VWs that I can supply for film work. Some are divas and enjoy the fame.   

Here are a few I have been involved in.. 

Summer 2023 - 1962 White beetle to Liverpool for a Beetles related Film -  

November 2022 - T25 In Brighton for Grace - 

No photo description available. 

May 2022 - Tink in a Field - Filming an Advert

No photo description available.

August 2022 - Top Gear Test Track - Dunsfold Night Shoot - filming with our T3 High Top Panel van - Larnaca Airport re-enactment of a High jacking -

No photo description available. No photo description available.   No photo description available.  No photo description available.

2019 - London  City - Filming "Bulletproof" for Sky TV - Lots of fake doors for knocking off..  

  No photo description available.

December 2017 - Filming ASDA Roll Back advert for January 2018 with Early Bay window VW camper van - Watford

VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__1.JPG (306484 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__2.JPG (259631 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__3.JPG (276796 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__4.JPG (283263 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__5.JPG (305340 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__6.JPG (220460 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__7.JPG (217916 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__9.JPG (198323 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__10.JPG (243119 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__11.JPG (446486 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__12.JPG (320274 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__13.JPG (289098 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__14.JPG (336296 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__15.JPG (228091 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__16.JPG (234920 bytes) VW_camper_bay_window_Asda_Roll_back_January_2018__8.JPG (253176 bytes)


A few stills from the above - 

ASDA_Early_bay_screenshot_derek_advert_roll_back_2018_1.png (779784 bytes) ASDA_Early_bay_screenshot_derek_advert_roll_back_2018_2.png (861355 bytes) ASDA_Early_bay_screenshot_derek_advert_roll_back_2018_3.png (856551 bytes) ASDA_Early_bay_screenshot_derek_advert_roll_back_2018_4.png (844936 bytes) ASDA_Early_bay_screenshot_derek_advert_roll_back_2018_5.png (848028 bytes) ASDA_Early_bay_screenshot_derek_advert_roll_back_2018_6.png (755444 bytes)

This version has the Bay window on its own - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk2SLzoAfSg 



February 2015 - "Halifax Loans" Advert - Static Photo Shoot of Stock 1972 Beetle @ Andy Knight Studios - London

Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__1.JPG (209954 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__2.JPG (122576 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__5.JPG (49475 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__3.JPG (142833 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__4.JPG (118059 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__6.JPG (175758 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__7.JPG (167280 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__8.JPG (169676 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__9.JPG (239412 bytes) Halifax_Student_Loans_advert_VW_Beetle_Andy_Knight_Studios__10.JPG (159545 bytes)


Spring 2014 - "Turbo Pickers" - Discovery 

We spent a day and a half in site selling one of our project Beetles to Paul and Dave from the TV Program "Turbo Pickers" ... We met them at the lovely Southill Village Stores and Tea rooms and showed them one car and later sold them another. The Car we sold looked rough, but was actually very solid underneath and had in recent years had the floor pan repaired and powder coated and also replacement heater channels. 1600 Engine and twin carbs. They took it away and painted it and made it pretty for the show which aired for the first time on Discovery on Monday 8th December 2014 (episode 2) - some of these pics are phone pics and some are still from the Program itself - go watch it! 

Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_wag_tv_southill_village_stores_and_tea_rooms_bedfordshire_55_high_street_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (105742 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_mum_on_tv_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (70611 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_dave_scone_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (62340 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_southill_village_stores_and_tea_rooms_tea_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (96803 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_volkswagens_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (125028 bytes)Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_chatter_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (75402 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_beetle_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (152139 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_beetle_out_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (88943 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_filming_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (146366 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_cal_look_beetle_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (98045 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_chat_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (113750 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_deal_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (96224 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_laugh_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (74898 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_parts_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (160002 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_bug_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.jpg (252900 bytes) Discovery_channel_motoring__turbo_pickers_vw_beetle_classic_car_parts_used_vintage_look_mum_im_on_the_telly_.JPG (215714 bytes)



Summer 2013 - Allianz "School Run" advert...

Filming at Rockingham Raceway ....   2 days in the sunshine - with a VW Campervan 

Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__1_vw_camper_.jpg (232999 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__2_vw_camper_.jpg (312770 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__3_vw_camper_.jpg (159942 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__4_vw_camper_.jpg (186739 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__5_vw_camper_.jpg (204344 bytes) Allianz Insurance advert filming rockingham raceway  (6) vw camper .jpg (250890 bytes) Allianz Insurance advert filming rockingham raceway  (7) vw camper .jpg (308882 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__8_vw_camper_.jpg (253884 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__9_vw_camper_.jpg (249056 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__10_vw_camper_.jpg (156481 bytes) Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__11_vw_camper_.jpg (193519 bytes)Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__12_vw_camper_.jpg (162366 bytes)Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__13_vw_camper_.jpg (177966 bytes)Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__14_vw_camper_.jpg (142249 bytes)Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__15_vw_camper_.jpg (240572 bytes)Allianz_Insurance_advert_filming_rockingham_raceway__16_vw_camper_.jpg (159988 bytes) 


Filming for Mr Storm Thorgerson - Pink Floyd - Who knows.. Just filming a Beetle and a Truck and wearing The Wall sour face masks...  Weird - In a field somewhere
Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_10.JPG (522808 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_11.JPG (2234142 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_1.jpg (1804997 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_2.JPG (1963060 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_3.JPG (1794719 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_4.JPG (1781927 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_5.JPG (2774803 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_6.JPG (487203 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_7.JPG (805536 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_8.JPG (596480 bytes) Storm_Thorgerson_vw_beetle_imagination_Roger_waters_pink_floyd_the_wall_prop_9.JPG (2003216 bytes)


Filming a Vodaphone advert with Fred the 1964 Beetle - CJH498B near Rickmansworth
Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__4.jpg (2033063 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__11.JPG (565437 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__12.JPG (2409291 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__13.JPG (2358817 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__1.jpg (1427533 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__2.jpg (2064533 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__3.jpg (2126074 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__5.jpg (1194856 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__6.JPG (1192806 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__7.JPG (2480354 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__8.JPG (861216 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__9.JPG (2269182 bytes) Vodaphone_advert_vw_beetle_present_gift__10.JPG (2030373 bytes) 



November 2009 - My Gold 1303 Beetle has just spent the day on location in Watford making a short film snip for Living TV. Living 2 is becoming "LivingIt"

The beetle had a roof rack fitted and then loaded up with bags, the student was then seen filling the car with more junk and driving off to College with her parents waving her off from the front door... 

www.vwbug.co.uk- living it livingit.jpg (110794 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- living it tv 2.jpg (104247 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- LIVINGit tv.jpg (127242 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- living it vw beetle.jpg (149260 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- living it vw.jpg (101922 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- living it gold.jpg (170882 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- living it beetle.jpg (109220 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- living it 1303 beetle.jpg (126805 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- livingit tv 1.jpg (133954 bytes)

You should be able to see my Gold 1303s and myself (playing dad) from the end of November 2009 on Livingit TV.



Summer 2009 -  We have been busy this summer - The Parts Emporium Splitty Camper has been used in the new production of St Trinians 2 - The Legend of Fitton's Gold

The Split Screen camper is called Cyril and is a RHD 1967 Devon tin top and is usually black and white.

Here he is before they got their hands on him - 

www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd before.jpg (111897 bytes)

These are during the make over at Charterhouse school in surrey. - (July 2009) 

www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd transformation 1.jpg (105227 bytes) st trinians eco warrior camper.jpg (179873 bytes)

And here he is after -   

www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd splitty hippy transformation.jpg (89447 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd st trinians hippy bus transformation.jpg (105647 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd st trin.jpg (228112 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd st trinians frittons gold split screen vw camper.jpg (116522 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd st trin 2.jpg (109067 bytes)  www.vwbug.co.uk- lwd transformation into hippy bus.jpg (141426 bytes)

Here are some pictures taken in the grounds of Knebworth House in August 2009 during filming of the return to school scene..  

splitty hippy smoking in the grounds of knebworth house.jpg (112514 bytes) hippy splitty smoke machine.jpg (201275 bytes) hippy splitty outside the gates of st trinians school.jpg (137776 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- hippy splitty interior.jpg (147922 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- st trinians flag over knebworth house.jpg (74445 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- hippy splitty at st trinians school.jpg (144047 bytes)

If you have seen the bus out and about, please send us your pictures - parts@partsemporium.co.uk 

Poor Cyril is having a hard life... now they want to take out his windscreens so they can film through the bus... looks like some Safaris are on the cards!

A Day on Set at Ealing Studios - windscreen cut out... filming a short scene inside the camper 

lwd hippy camper at ealing studios (2).jpg (137903 bytes) hippy vw mini van green screen lighting.jpg (117130 bytes) hippy vw camper with camera through windscreen (2).jpg (130013 bytes)

Later in the year I will post up some pictures of the filming and some Celebrities with The Hippy Bus!

Here is the St Trinians VW Bus at some local VW club meets and VW Action 2009... 

www.vwbug.co.uk- VW ACTION 2009  (1349).jpg (116753 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- VW ACTION 2009  (1442).jpg (165177 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- HLVDUBS 2009  (102).jpg (122576 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- HLVDUBS 2009  (158).jpg (147214 bytes) lwd at herts vw club as st trinians eco warrior bus.JPG (221347 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- Brighton Breeze 2009  (44).jpg (164293 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- Brighton Breeze 2009  (300).jpg (126167 bytes) www.vwbug.co.uk- Brighton Breeze 2009  (301).jpg (119155 bytes)

The film is due for release in December.



In 2007 I provided a 1972 Beetle for "D-notice" or the "Bank Job" Movie as it became.. .. It was cold and we spent most of the day in the "Chicken Inn" on set dressed in our period clothing at Pinewood Studios out door set... 

the bank job movie set.jpg (107934 bytes) the bank job.jpg (98850 bytes)


2004 - Palais Royal - French Film - Central London with 1962 VW Beetle - White
Palais_Royal_filming_london_2004_1.jpg (126770 bytes) Palais_Royal_filming_london_2004_2.jpg (129063 bytes) Palais_Royal_filming_london_2004_3.jpg (124851 bytes) Palais Royal filming london 2004 (4).jpg (527522 bytes) Palais Royal filming london 2004 (5).jpg (493919 bytes) Palais Royal filming london 2004 (6).jpg (549962 bytes) Palais Royal filming london 2004 (7).jpg (517289 bytes)